Lady Tina Marie Grissom


The dynamic duo leadership of the 12th Episcopal District is Bishop Samuel L. Green, Sr., and Supervisor Phyllis N. Green. The 12th Episcopal District comprises of Arkansas and Oklahoma; 4 Annual Conferences-Arkansas Annual Conference, East Arkansas Conference, West Arkansas Conference and Oklahoma State Conference.


The 12th Episcopal District M-SWAWO + PKs President, Mrs. Tina Marie Grissom is married to the Reverend John T. Grissom, Little Rock, Arkansas.  Sis. Grissom serves in her husband’s ministry at St. Luke AME Church, Forrest City, AR. Together; they have 3 daughters, Sonja, Candice, and Asha; one granddaughter, Lilliee and one grandson, Keyone.  She is a graduate of the historical Central High School, Little Rock, AR and also attended Capital City Business Junior College. She has been employed by the Arkansas State Hospital for 20 years; where she is currently the Computer Support and Information Manager.


She was raised in Ward Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church located at 1301 Hanger Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has been a member for over forty years. This is the place where her foundation was laid for helping and serving others:


Local YPD Director, WMS Unit Leader, Assistant Class Leader, Choir Member, Youth Church School Teacher, Organized Lay Member, Prison Ministry, Area III Director of the Arkansas Conference Women’s Missionary Society.


She has also served as the president of the Arkansas Conference M-SWAWO + PKs Organization.


Currently she is a

  • Member of the Worship & Praise Team for the Arkansas Conference Women’s Missionary Society.

  • Arkansas Conference Information Ministry Support, which includes creating announcement flyers to be viewed in “Upcoming AME Events” e-mail listing.

  • Holds the title “First Lady of Connectional Ministers’ Spouses, Widows & Widowers Organization” 2010.


Sis. Grissom’s testimony starts with Psalm 120:1“In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me.” To God Be The Glory! He is a Mighty, Glorious, and Awesome God!  What A Mighty God We Serve!